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Importance of guest management in your wedding

Guest management is an important aspect of a wedding. The marriage ceremony is elaborate these days and spans over a few days. Thus, suitable arrangements are required for both hospitality and transportation for out of town guests. Wedding invitations also have to be taken care of. Guest management usually starts off by preparing the guest list for the wedding. And we as Indians are very cautious to invite each relative that we know for the wedding. Our relatives hold marriage as a sacrosanct concept and would do anything that is needed to attend our wedding.

A wedding is such a fun and happy place to be and relatives make the entire place cheerful and lively. Some things to keep in mind for guest management are:


Having accommodation at your wedding venue may be a huge bonus, as your friends and family can relax and have a good time without wondering how they will get home or whether they’ll be able to find their hotel later in the evening. Always check with the hotel directly to see if you can get a good deal by booking a lot of rooms, even if your particular wedding venue does not have an existing arrangement with that hotel. If reasonably priced accommodation in the area you marry is scarce, try to rent some large holiday homes with plenty of rooms and invite your guests to stay there.


Pick and drop of the guests from airports and railway stations must be arranged. If the hotels that the most of your guests are staying at are a long way from your venue, consider hiring a mini bus to provide shuttle runs from the hotel to the ceremony, and then back again at the end of the night.


After the big fat wedding and the guests are gone, what remains is piles of food. A recent survey shows that Bangalore alone wastes 943 tons of quality food every year during weddings. This is enough to feed 2.6 crore people with a normal Indian meal, concluded a study by a team of 10 professors from University of Agricultural Sciences(UAS), Bangalore.

“Food waste is a big concern during weddings. We need to raise awareness among people and sensitize them against wasting food. Hosts need to put up posters with messages saying that guests should not waste food and only take what they can consume.

RSVPs should be collected well in advance to determine the number of guests going to attend the wedding.

Wedding Reminder

You need to remind your guests to RSVP to your wedding. Your guests will feel happy and don’t forget about your wedding if you notify them by SMS once or twice. This will be a sweet gesture for them.

Directions to your wedding venue should be known to the guests to avoid any last minute hassles.

Guests should feel welcome because they make your happy wedding happier by joining your celebrations.

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