3 Hal Menarik dari Blog GOJEK di Medium

Beberapa waktu lalu saya sempat membahas soal blog medium keempat unicorn Indonesia di Medium. Empat unicorn tersebut secara mengejutkan memiliki blog disamping blog native milik mereka di website…


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DMC Team Explains High Performance Affiliate Marketing on the Blockchain

Performance marketing is popular because advertisers only pay for specified actions, such as sales conversions and registrations. Although cost per action (CPA) provides one of the highest returns on investment in affiliate marketing, a large chunk of advertising dollars is still lost owing to the cost of friction, including fraud, errors and payment delays — all of which are contributing to the rising cost of customer acquisition.

Ken Huang, CEO of DEMa Coin, explains how the DEMaCoin ecosystem operating on its own cryptocurrency on the blockchain can provide a more efficient platform for pay-for-performance affiliate marketing. As the first mover in running a decentralized CPA network on the blockchain, DEMa Coin sees its current role as market educator, preparing the market for the inevitable day when the digital advertising marketplace will run on blockchain technology.

Huang expects the cost and efficiency advantages to motivate the entire digital advertising marketplace to move to the blockchain. Cost benefits of open and distributed databases include a potential reduction in advertiser costs of up to 40%, freeing up funds to spend on lead generation in affiliate markets. The cryptographically secure smart contract eliminates fraud and other deceptive practices, which are becoming more pervasive through the use of bots. At the forefront of CPA marketing, DEMaCoin is benefiting by accumulating feedback and attracting users to its affiliate network on the blockchain.

For interested individuals, firms and groups, DMC token will serve as a store of value, peer-to-peer exchange platform a good investment.

Creating Marketing Buzz!

DEMaCoin Team

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